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Dissolving the State of Petrichor

23rd May 2023

Sirboss has just published the “Treaty of Inclusion between The State of Bloom and The State of Petrichor” which, among other things, merges Petrichor into Bloom. I therefore propose that Petrichor’s Statehood be dissolved pursuant to Article 8 (c) of the Constitution.

Senator Orinnari’s proposal was approved by the Senate and by President ChrisChrispie.

  • Speaker Gjum: Aye
  • Senator Anvil: Aye
  • Senator Gentle__Giant: Aye
  • Senator Kingstell: Aye
  • Senator Orinnari: Aye
  • Senator Shadno: Aye
  • Senator Slushhi: Aye
State of Petrichor